planets, our home planet flew off the screen and
into outer space.

> Feed your triangles little squares.

We've got spheres now! Woah! The sun and the earth are now on screen, complete with gravity and a somewhat gimped application of Keppler's laws. The first time they both appeared on the screen, we were puzzled why the earth didn't move. Was gravity off? Had we forgotten to add the earth to the physics processing list? Did it just crash? CLICK! It was audible. We both turned to each other and Splort spoke first - "It takes a whole year for the earth to travel around the sun". Duh. So we sped up time by a million... and watched in horror as our home planet flew off the screen and into outer space. "Woah. That's pretty serious. Do you think we should tell somebody?" "Maybe. Let's double check the math first." Ah, not to worry, an extra zero got in there. The doomsday prophecies could wait, for a while anyway. Now the earth spirals farther away from the sun with each passing year. So I figure we'll be ok for a few years as long as we increase the production of green house gasses. Ugh. Well, I'll keep you informed.

Back to the thing... awaaaaaaaay!


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