associations .
<ST> / <ST-C> . anarcho-rave performance projects . Hosts a set for me!
Butter Magazine . Montreal Correspondant.
Capital Magazine . Literature Editor + feature writer.
Culture of Cities . research involvement .
Discorder Magazine. Panarticon columnist + feature writer. . writer.
e|i mag . immediatism columnist + feature writer.
Fuse magazine. feature writer. . feature writer + reviewer.
Minty Mag . feature writer. . site of <ST> activities
targetcircuitry . online radio w/ ben nevile [now defunct, but the site is still there]
technoWest . West Coast techno collaboration . founder /admin o2. . net-art project(s) w/ssiess + others.
Remote Agency . representation & collaboration . [now defunct] . member / work in the Artbase . . Staff writer. profile.


1104 home of mr. burke + this site . got a set on here: direct link or got to 05.11.00
clonk . neil weirnik's musical events. I spin/play for them sometimes. . 'document 9-1-1' in 'Wired Ruins' issue. . vancouver home of subcultures + <ST> list host .
intr_version. Mitchell Akiyama's post-electronic label. spin for them too. . seminal list of net.criticism. home of Geert Lovink.

olo j milkman . visual artist / writer / space transformer.

Plug-In Gallery. Winnipeg home of Tart magazine. Write words for them. . ben nevile is a very wicked man.

ssiess . /performance/ sound collaborator . techno.associations + host of / targetcircuitry
Trickler . intelligent breaks & techno from dj Kyomi
Trucker Magazine . write for these kids sometimes.
war.time - Offline net.artists opposed to War
Western Front Artist Run Centre. written some words for their art magazine, Front.
(w)ITH (Intent To Hear) - online radio from olo j milkman aka dj bake n' phat
the Wire - cultural critique that I write for at times
X-Stream Radio - experimental.electronic streaming
links .
get.your.war.on . the last word on 9-1-1.

blogs .

Abe Burmeister aka William Blaze [abstract dynamics] - nomadic reports from the information frontiers
Information Flow - software, cyborgs, art and politics.
William Gibson . the Man has a blog - cyberpunk originator from my hometown ..