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After blogging a beta of this piece on the 28th, I offer a remix for Ashley's grid::blog on the 'brand', taking into consideration a number of thoughtful responses (thanks Abe). Also, for those of you using Safari--my freakin' apologies. For reasons unspecified @ this late hour of the night, it appears that Panther's new Safari doesn't like certain kinds of tables, namely the resizable kind that iBlog works with. Meaning that the text is running 8 inches horizontal across your screen. I'm sorry. Use IE. Apple still has some bugs to iron out. -- Update: Apple may have bugs, and so does iBlog, but the matter now seems to be one of importing text from other applications to iBlog, which results in weird paragraphs that don't like shrinking. [tV]

"Authoritarianism in Adbusters... The Author/ity & the -Ism
An entire generation of activist-jammers have purchased & eagerly consumed the culture jamming rag known as Adbusters since its humble, Vancouverite beginnings... Yet every year, the desire to unsubscribe from this glossy epic grows with a sudden heat. The reasons are varied--a heavy-handed bluntness to the jams, a simplification of issues, or more generally, a lack of meditative and critical content in favour of neverending copies of pharmaceutical and weapons advertisements, poorly-researched rants against ’Äòpostmodernists’Äô, & other like ilk. Not enough adbusting nor perspectives on adbusting, Adbusters is wearing thin beyond cynical, angry, rants that ironically attempt to be unironically passionate, if not romantic, in an age of overproduced nostalgia for times that never were... Adbusters has many authors, but over the past few issues, it has self-asserted an authority that is beginning to mirror the object of its attacks: authoritarianism. "

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