An Xmas Lawsuit from your PM, Paul Martin

Well, we're only a few weeks into the new Prime Minister in Canada and gosh darn it, he is sooo hot to get his hand into America's pants that he's going the American way with his critics as well. Yes, that's right kids, he's suing them under 'copyright law' (well, err, at least this particular, and if I may say so, admirable website, insofar as critique & parody are always necessary, and to this we turn to: Check out this post -- from Adam @ What Is the Message? -- which covers this litigation development. It all begins here, with this exchange of emails. Oh Paul, you joker you, and here we thought your support of decriminalization of marijuana was supposed to ring you in as 'hip and groovy'! Defender of free speech! A stately Trudeau! Nah, you're smarter than that--you just want us all stoned so when the uniforms come out and become mandatory, we'll think they're reeeeal trippy. How's the trip to the ranch shaping up? Don't forget your leather chaps and the grease!

Right. Back to the track, just in time for Canada to become the newest bitch on the block, and with old Martin, a bitch in heat. We'll be fighting Australia for the Bottom Dog position.

OK -- it must be the Xmas Nog. Better watch out-- I heard Humour and Parody are endangered trademarks of Martin's webmaster himself.

Press Release: Liberal Party Threatens to Sue Website Critical of PM

Three Days 'til Christmas, Three Days to Cease and Desist

For immediate release.

HALIFAX, December 22--A law firm representing the Liberal Party of Canada threatened to file suit against the creators of Paul Martin for copyright infringement. The previous day, a journalist had attempted to confirm that the Prime Minister had knowledge of the site, which features parody and critical analysis of Paul Martin's policies.

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