Dust Theories 2: Alchemical Residue -- on DUSTED

[Dust Theories 2: Alchemical Residue -- on DUSTED]

.. a few words on one of my most favourite releases from Kim Cascone:

"It’Äôs become commonplace ’Äì if not absurdly clichˆ© ’Äì for ’Äòelectronic music journalists’Äô to begin their reviews with some statement of the (apparent) ’Äòcoldness’Äô of electronic music, proceeding to arrive at the most surprising revelation (one conjured either by smug approval or a genuine sense of the origin) that the artist under consideration is ’Äòwarm’Äô and so unlike the ’Äòcold’Äô others in her or his ’Äòorganic depth’Äô."


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