FUSE, e|i, Leonardo - articles & launches

[FUSE, e|i, Leonardo - articles & launches]

So here's some words on .. a few mad long articles:

- Part One of Cities of Glass, a tracing of Canadian electronic, electroacoustic and industrial music is now out in e|i magazine. Also in the same issue from my digital pen is a label profile on Background Records, about 40~ reviews, CD and vinyl, and my 'nexus of digital arts' column, Immediatism.

- FUCK ART LET'S DANCE is coming out in the next issue of FUSE (FUSE describes this as an article that "traces the racist contours of an aporia in arts bodies’Äô understanding of, and funding for, house and techno music" -- a good description). I'm also DJing the LAUNCH PARTY, November 18th, 2003, at the Lula Lounge in Toronto, where apparently I am playing "electronica" (a better description would be: minimal techno & house).

- Turn/Stile: Interpreting Udo Kasemets’Äô CaleNdarON - For a Single Turntable with Treatment and Surfaces, is finally coming out in the next issue of the Leonardo Music Journal: Groove, Pit and Wave. The accompanying CD is curated by Philip Sherburne, who recently moved his blog here (thanks to Abstract Abe).

- My short-lived Literratica column in Capital Magazine is getting a facelift, and will now be known as the Nettropolis, where I can wax off & on about digital art, hacktivism, hypertext, lit. theory, and so forth, creating more connections between the print and the screen, and hopefully get people interested in reading again--and through a tactic more effective than a simple Lit. Review column. Issue 3 is also now available for download in PDF, which rocks.

- Projects in the works .. include answering a few CFPs (notably for Popular Music's upcoming issue on 'Popular Music and Dance'), as well as finishing an article for a Spanish book, put together by a cohort who has been doing some rather fascinating work on rave culture & Deleuze - Amparo Lasen-Diaz. Not to mention the thesis. Right, the thesis. Better get back to that.

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