squarepusher @ Dusted

[squarepusher @ Dusted]

From some words on the Squarepusher show here in Montrˆ©al on July 20th:

"So, Squarepusher brought the house down, demonstrating to my ears that his live performances investigate noise, feedback, improvisation and manic sound resonance at volumes only hinted at in the best of his albums, exploring territory far more abstract than I think the predominantly electronic-mainstream crowd was prepared for, jumping nonetheless headfirst into the nut of the matter: SOUND, NOISE AT EXTREME VOLUMES, BEATS FASTER THEN YOU CAN UNDERSTAND, MADNESS, MADNESS, MADNESS, INSANITY, MENTAL CHAOS ’Äì I mean: fuck, why hold back when you’Äôve got 20, 000 watts behind your demented ego? "

At Dusted.

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