So, here we go, I just discovered this blog, That Was A Naughty Bit Of Crap (TWANBOC) -- techno.culture, music, music.journalism by "Mathew." But rewind to the beginning:

So here we go [refrain that, remix that..] dropping & slicing into the music.journalism blog(o)sphere, which began with reading Philip Sherburne's NeedleDrops & realising just how entwined he is in all this cross-zapping online mania too. So-- yes, Philip Sherburne has a blog called Minima-Moralia, & so, for that matter, so does Simon Reynolds, called Blissblog. Still nothing for Kodwo Eshun, which for me would constitute a blog worth reading... perhaps he's working on a new book? And speaking of Eshun, Mathew of TWANBOC sees More Brilliant Than The Sun as "polemic;" I see it as theory-in-action... (true, he praises it..but onto other things): that's the nut with music journalism: it's too bound to the real, at the utter contrary to the imagination of the arts... always digging around trying to call the "right musical lineage," write history, etc, in a fashion that any historian would scoff at. Sure, some of it is good, if not innovative & excellent--check Greil Marcus, & I have my respect for those mentioned above--but otherwise.... On the other hand, whenever I become frustrated with academe I look at the music journalism penned for the Wire and realise it's better than most cultural studies publications which suffer "peer review," otherwise known as "dumbing down for over-educated boors" (in my vilest's not all evil). Perhaps something I am beginning to enjoy, then, is Luka's blog, heronbone. Anyone that throws down TS Eliot, Surrealism, and is obsessed, it seems, with "the poetry of disgust" as well as Poe, Kafka, and Nietzsche while having something to do with "music journalism" is someone I can relate to. Being able to zap tangents, basically... 'cause a lot of music.journalism is just that: music-journalism. Which I guess I've also come to realise, lo & behold, I'm not & it's not what I do. As for what I am, beats me. I'm open to suggestions.

[Aside--Alain Mongeau, Director of MUTEK, told me in a 44 degree, packed club in Barcelona that I was... --and then he paused. And then he looked at me and said: "DOT DOT DOT."]

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