tri.phonic jam_sessions @ SAT

[tri.phonic jam_sessions @ SAt - 1st installment]

Wednesday, July 9th saw the first beta.test of the "tri.phonic" jam_session night @ the Socią©tą© des Arts Technologiques [SAT]. Running five days week from 5-10pm, the SAT, in their new location @ 1195 St. Laurent in Chinatown, Montrą©al, is opening up their massive & beautiful cafą© space to DJs and experimental electronic and otherwise technologically inclined musicians to jam on a regular basis... The SAT mix_sessions VJ collective provides the visual support. Next week myself, Daniel Gardner [aka Frivolous on Germany's Background Records] and ex-Winnipegger Fishead [of experimental turntablist hardcore fame] as well as special guest Ryan from Vancouver will be dropping everything from turntablist techno to field recordings & live sets from laptops...from ambiance, cut-and-paste sound-scapes to laptop microhouse. Should be quite the trip, and hey, it's all damn free. Soon we hope to turn the shebang into a regular soirą©e, called tri.phonic... emphasizing the three aspects of our art: turntablism, laptop creation, and microphones [field recordings]. The logo is rough but features a stick man with three arms above basic depictions of the three aspects. We also hope to incorporate on the visuals, and net.sound.installations via the WiFi network in the space. Let's hope it flies.

Here's some pics from Wednesday... that's Daniel Gardner on the decks, Ryan and Stephanie on the couch, and Spanish curator and art director Duero looking pretty...

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