creative class war--Richard Florida

"Though the data are not as perfect at the metropolitan level, other cities are also beating [the US] for fresh new talent, diversity, and brainpower. Vancouver and Toronto are set to take off: Both city-regions have a higher concentration of immigrants than New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. So too are Sydney and Melbourne. As creative centers, they would rank alongside Washington, D.C. and New York City. Many of these places also offer such further inducements as spectacular waterfronts, beautiful countryside, and great outdoor life. They're safe. They're rarely at war. These cities are becoming the global equivalents of Boston or San Francisco, transforming themselves from small, obscure places to creative hotbeds that draw talent from all over ’Äì including your city and mine."

Richard Florida on US protectionism, paranoia, religious zealotism and overzealous surveillance and security & its effects on the creative economies, the technology sector, research & development, the entertainment industry, global talent, and the increasing Republican=rural, Democrat=city split.

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