Coming to America--The Guardian goes American

[the UK's Guardian sets up US HQ]

About time--the UK's Guardian is setting up a weekly, US edition. Michael Wolff discusses it here. The approach is one which, as a Canadian, I tend to favour:

The Wal-Marting of the publishing business (as well as every other business) invites the inverse strategy: Youre too dumb, too low-class, too fat for our magazine. Sorry, its not for you. Thats a marketing approach that could potentially be worth real dough.

Brilliant. It's the mirror strategy of what drove Darren Bergstein to relaunch the critical electronic i|e magazine as e|i this year (and which I write for). Contrary to what the Big Media wishes to shove down our collective throats, North Americans are craving a strong alternative media. Now if only Hunter S. Thompson would forcefully overtake Rolling Stone and reroute its history to where it should have ended up if it hadn't turned into such a stinking pile of shit.

Hell-- I'm sending them my resum.

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