21C #2 / updates all 'round

[Issue 2 of 21C is Out! & general.updates]

A wealth of nooze, semes & techno.culture events coming atchya'.. been busy these past few days & weeks, planning out tri.phonic, getting ready for the Empyre August round, reading & reviewing, finishing off e|i magazine issue 2 writing, getting myself into trouble on the .microsound list [more on that soon], writing & writing, shit -- just too much, really. And playing foozball at Brian Massumi's house while he is in Australia, but that's another story which shall be saved for the archives entitled: "Ruining My Academic Career."

In any case -- > // Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky's 21C Magazine has launched Issue 2. Many fascinating articles here, including travels through the esoteric, a panel discussion on Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass' Naqoyqatsi, a posthumous, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) interview with Philip K. Dick by Erik Davis, and (among several other articles) a great resource-piece by Rick Silva called "The Remix of Politics:"

"Here’Äôs a scenario; a hacktivist interrupts the feed into the teleprompter that is scrolling the words for the SOTU address to G W Bush. Too much on automatic pilot to notice, Bush reads the hacktivist’Äôs words to millions of people. What we get is a live remix using the president himself as the splice between artist and audience."

Now that's the kinda shit I want to see.

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