down & out: back up

[down & out: back up]

Greetings, Fiends,

My blog, site and email have been down & out for a week due to the extensive rains in BC causing connection damage to my host server .. A big thanks out to John B. of the 1104 for putting up with Telus' poor handling of the situation.

I've been stockpiling blog-posts which I will try to rapid-fire .. before, that is, the server goes down again -- but this time to sit on a nice broad (as in very, very fucking broad) direct pipe to the neural Net .. that will be happening over the next day or two.

In the meantime, here's a pic sent from Esther B. from the E:Cube gallery, where Jon Vaughn, Carrie Gates, Aimą© Dontigny, DJ Machine, David Turgeon, Julie Rousse, Esther and a few others laid down a bit of noise, performance, crazy turntablism, and no-holds-barred No Type style electronics, called -- "un microphone dans une tempąĀte de noize" /"a microphone in a noize storm" 2nd edition -- I completely missed out on about two weeks back, October 11th, to be exact (although I did catch Jon and Max Haiven at Rien ą› Voir).

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