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I've pulled together a few forces in this city -- the McGill arm of the Culture of Cities Project, the Socią©tą© des Arts Technologiques, and sound-artist Alexis Bhagat from NYC -- to re.mix academic approaches to the city, performative on and via the city, and the SAT crew of New Media and electronic artists ... into one digital dump. Here it is.

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-- .. talk/performance on reel-to-reel machines:





Alexis Bhagat will investigate the performance of sound-as-art through an innovative two-hour performance performed on two reel-to-reel machines. Employing field recordings, interviews of sound artists from the upcoming _Sound Generation_ book, and cut-ups of spoken word, lectures, and manipulated audio, Bhagat will enact a mediated performance of recorded and reproduced sound. Through the manipulation of the very space, format, and "sound" of a "talk," Bhagat will experiment with the practice of the "lecture" format as it crosses into a sound-art performance unto itself. The core of the performance will touch upon the "The City of Sound."

With a field-recording sound performance & techno-turntablist DJ set from tobias c. van Veen.


"The tapes will consist of Bhagat reading his own essays on sound, mixed in with a variety of sounds, including his own recordings of nature, commentaries on western music by Harry Partch, snippets of conversations between Bhagat and Annea Lockwood, Hildegard Westerkamp, Grey Filistine and tobias c. van Veen, as well as plundered pop-tune loops."


Tuesday, August 12th, 2003.

2-5pm / 1400h-1700h

2-2:30 -- tobias c. van Veen: performance -- "L'ą‚tą© des Neiges"
2:30-4:30 -- Alexis Bhagat: performance/talk -- "Regarding Sound as Art"
4:30-5 -- dj tobias: techno-turntablism -- "Music For Buildings (II)"


La Socią©tą© des Arts Technologiques
SAT. 1195 St. Laurent


[back.end support]:

The Culture of Cities Project, McGill University, Dept. of Communications
The Societe des Arts Technologiques

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Thanks to Cato Pulleyblank for the Flyer / Poster.

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