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tri.phonic is a collaborative electronic environment, in which laptops merge with turntables and VJing in the production of extended sessions of experimental, improvisational electronic music. The tri.phonic triad consists of founder tobias c. van Veen (turntablism, laptronics, net.art), Daniel Gardner a.k.a. Frivolous (laptronics, turntablism) and Johnny Ranger (VJ), plus the coordination of various guests.


tri.phonic was initiated by tobias in August 2003 as a SAT jam_sessions project, collaborating with Daniel and Johnny to produce a popular and laidback evening at Montréal's SAT (La Société des arts technologiques). tri.phonic involves 5 hour improvisation sessions and has included such guests as Mitchell Akiyama, Deadbeat, Thomas Phillips, vitaminsforyou, Andrew Duke, blunderspublik, Pheek, Fishead, naw and Colin the Mole in its roster of sonic delights. The sounds of tri.phonic scan the experimental electronic spectrum, from glitched-out ambient to quirky minimal techno, IDM to microsound, depending on the ambience, time & mood, and the special blend of tri.phonic's guests.


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