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.definitions for // tri.phonic \\ .


--- > [the mix of all three provides the basis for this "jam_session"]
--- > [the three elements of our art]:

1. (techno) turntablism
;the exploration of experimental beats & minimalism utilising the full art of turntable techniques. hip-hop scratch-djs are not the only
turntablists: it's time to wrest the boring reputation & robotic motions of the DJ. turntablism is EXPRESSIVE. it is an ART.

2. laptop [live] performance
;the creation of one's own sounds via the technologies of the portable
computer, the ability to remix one's tracks on the fly, and jam with
others in an "electronic laboratory" setting. also: the combination of laptop music with net.art and net.sound.installation via WiFi connections--the openings of transference & translation between net.art.sound & "electronic music." transactive sound.performance.

3. field recordings: the microphone
;the recording of audio from the environment, the urban echoes resonating via software, the incorporation of our environment as listening object, as object of contemplation, as the subject of our passions & desires, as the subject of our art, as art itself.