september 25th: tri.phonic IV

[september 25th: tri.phonic IV]

It's official: the next tri.phonic will be on: September 25th, 2003 @ SAT, as the launch party for the Open Territories network project (TOT). We'll be going from our usual time of 5-10pm, and of course it's free. Our confirmed guest includes Andrew Duke from Halifax and the quite possibly a very special guest who currently lives in Ottawa (it all depends if he has the physical time in his day. I guess we'll see). Of course the resident concept engineer tobias c. van Veen and co-jammer Daniel Gardner will be twisting sonic tapestries all evening on laptops and turntables, and VJ extraordinaire Johnny Ranger will be ungluing the eyelids. More news to come: we expect, hopefully, another guest -- we'll let y'all know soon.
- tobias

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