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allo, allo

We're ecstatic to announce...or we're happy to announce...well, we're grooving over our summer schedule... OK: basically we think we've assembled a rather penultimate roster of excellent musicians, all performing live, all doing solo spots as well as integrating their musical geniuses into the "jam_session" aspect of tri.phonic. So without further ado, a reminder that tri.phonic is FREE all summer long, here's the line-up... every 2nd Thursday, from 5-10pm:

July 31:
Pheek [epsilon lab, montréal]
vitaminsforyou [intr_version records, winnipeg/montréal]
Blunderspublik [sfeericle records, winnipeg/montréal]

August 14:
naw [noise factory records, Clonk, montréal]
Colin the Mole [tracks on Mutek & Force Inc., montréal]
Mitchell Akiyama [the man behind intr_version records, montréal]

August 28:
Deadbeat [intr_version, ~scape recording artist, montréal]
Colin the Mole [tracks on Mutek & Force Inc., montréal]
Thomas Phillips [TBC; Trente Oiseaux, montréal]

As each show approaches we will be offering an in-depth look at the artists & a peek into their sonic excursions for the evening. And be on the lookout for local promotion in Montréal.. more info as it happens. As the world spins: tri.phonic.

Until then,

tobias & Daniel

tobias at rhizome dot org

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