tri.phonic @ FCMM & MEG - vis-à-vis the launch of III

[tri.phonic @ FCMM & MEG - vis-a-vis the launch of III]

//greetings once again,

.. tri.phonic has consolidated its summer of inventive experimental & electronic improvisation with a twist of funk into the renegade crew of:

tobias c. van Veen
*blind gesture laptop & techno-turntablism & signifier recombination

Daniel Gardner a.k.a. Frivolous
*acoustic noise & laptop funk & techno-turntablism

Johnny Ranger
*VJ: visual poetics and word splicer

Testing the realms of minimal beat structures and sonic scapes through visual feedback, the tri.phonic project has re-named its core triad as:

---> III <----

.. pronounced: THREE.

.. & it is thus the tri.phonic project that welcomes back the wandering ear of III to the FCMM and MEG Festivals ..

"cardinal.III rules of eye.sonika"
tobias c. van Veen | Daniel Gardner | Johnny Ranger (VJ)
.MONDAY OCTOBER 13. 10PM - 3AM . $9 @ SAT.

"cardinal.III rules of aqua.funk"
tobias c. van Veen | Daniel Gardner | Johnny Ranger (VJ)
.TUESDAY OCTOBER 21. 6PM - MIDNIGHT. $10adv. $15/door @ SAT.
@ MEG. . w/ DJ JOAKIM.

.. from the sideways curve of the tangent: III.

-- tobias c. van Veen

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