Neptune Lodge Vancouver presents...

Vancouver's Neptune Lodge wrapped another marathon session. Includes tracks by olo J. Milkman.

& the full archive is now here.

What the hell is Neptune Lodge? Why, the Immersion Composition Society, of course.

The Immersion Composition Society is a slightly international organization of speed-songwriters that grew out of a series of "composer duels" between creator-founder Nicholas Dobson and co-founder Michael Mellender

Members of this sect are most easily identified by their songwriting game; members wake up as early as possible, and begin to write and record new music very fast, often writing six, ten, (twenty!?) pieces of new music in one day. This is done individually, at home. When the hour of the evening meeting arrives, the members of the 'lodge' converge for show and tell, and listen to every single song, their eyes twitching intermittently. Then they feel better.....

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