George Bush, World Leader, Or, Village Idiot

[George Bush, World Leader, Or, Village Idiot]

Since when did George Bush become Leader of the World?

Under the title "Bush offers campaign theme" on CNN:

President Bush offered a broad defense of his foreign policy and said his message that "the world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership" will be a prominent theme of his bid for a second White House term.

Written in an anarchist rag in Anglo-Montrą©al:
'As they say in Quebec, mange mon cul. I'm a citizen of a world that will never see anything in Bush other than the manic, dangerous lunacy of the town drunkard. If Marshall McLuhan is right, and we are living in the global village, then you, George Bush, are the Village Idiot.'

(Nit-pickers beware: Bush is not the essential problem; the structure of the idiot/drunkard, in its power when combined with the Fool and the card of Death, is.)

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