N . Y. C.

Well well. Met the bearded Abe last night.

Aspects of Jupiter @ Experimental Intermedia last night was packed beyond expectation. Thanks to Jason & Greg & Lex @ Chronoplastics, Ben @ Autonomedia, Phill Niblock for the gracious use of his space. And of course the lovely Tianna K on the homeland defence, currently cooking eegs and hashwhites. Staying at a housesitting-loft in Tribeca is a treat but is giving me very wrong ideas about living in NYC. The performers were all quite incredible and eclectic. Larry 7's wax-cutting lathe as performative and direct [an audio scientist of the blackcrack]. Pamela Z overcame technical difficulties to present involved & complex video-voice pieces, interacting with her own screen image. Claudio Chea from Puerto Rico presented a beautiful scape of melody and noise. Grey Filastine let loose a barrage of rhythms and screams recorded across the world. Gregory Whitehead's odd political humour and wordplays, Ken Gen Montgomery's octaphonic piece turned to quad -- with blindfolds. Annea Lockwood & Paul Ryan's extended studies of 'water patterns' from a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, video and sound. All for $5.

My deepest humble apologies for blowing a circuit breaker last night. My laptop work is improvisational and after the extended gap after building into the swelling rumble it was extraordinarily difficult to divert a sense of abortion. So the remaining themeatic was abortion for me -- including the terminative ending. I guess that's why we call it 'sound art' & not music.

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