Today is one of those days when, in the name of creativity, in the name of art--if art or creativity can be said to have only but one name--we raise the old gesture, that upright middle finger from both hands in a grand swoop of the double-arm, to Capitol Records.

Hooray for Grey Tuesday! Let loose fair use & sampledelia!

Kudos to Downhillbattle.org . Go to Illegal-Art for the Grey album.
Read response to EMI/Capitol here. Blogcritics on the issue here.

Thanks to Adam Brault for suggesting the following response:

have you seen the little piggies
crawling in the dirt?
and for all the little piggies
life is getting worse
always having dirt
to play around in

have you seen the bigger piggies
in their starched white shirts?
you will find the bigger piggies
stirring up the dirt
they always have clean shirts
to play around in

in their sties with all their backing
they don't care what goes on around

in their eyes, there's something lacking
what they need's a damn good whacking

- The Beatles: "Piggies" (From The White Album)

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