Jaanis Garancs - SAT on LSD

[Jaanis Garancs - SAT on LSD]

I've become rather attached to the SAT's new, if not first, artist-in-residence, Jaanis Garancs. Latvian, originally, although just as much Pan-Euro (moving for the past 10 years), Jaanis creates stereoscopic art (3D), basically these projected datascapes not unlike the Net as imagined by Gibson in Neuromancer. Anyways, I wrote a little blurb for The Mirror here in Montreal (these little arts blurbs are becoming my bread & butter).

"The SAT currently has its first major international artist-in-residence, Jaanis Garancs from Latvia. While many new media artists are so conceptually convoluted that few get the hyper-irony, Garancs' work is visceral and tangible: a 3D datascape of moving lines, colours and information that can be set up to interact with moving bodies. Viva networked acid for the wired generation!"

CONTINUED: Here it is.

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