Sonar 2003: Laptop Libido on Rewind @ Dusted

[Sonar 2003: Laptop Libido on Rewind @ Dusted]

.. a piece that I wrote for Discorder magazine on Sonar & Mutek 2003 can be found now on Dusted:

Laptop Libido On Rewind MUTEK to SONAR 2003


When it came time to summarize the smoldering mess known as my notebooks notebooks that would be found missing several times over during my Journey of Summer Festivals, later found in various record executives possessions, thumbed through and underlined it was as if I was recovering some kind of hallucinated handbook, a cross between the lost books of Narnia, an entheogenic philosophy text and a Hipster travelogue. Out came phrases plucked from the hot Mediterranean air of Barcelonas Sonar festival, a four-day excursion into the madness of 40 degree (Celsius) heat, absinthe, avant-garde architecture & floods of pasty bodies on drugged out trips. Oh yeah & a good slice of experimental electronic music... I learned the following: Aqua means water; Vino wine; and hash well, thats self explanatory...

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