Plastikman's Closer on Dusted

[Plastikman's Closer on Dusted]

"In some ways, Closer is Richie Hawtins answer to electroclash. Everyone else is going back to the 80s. Well guess what: so is he. But this is a different 80s. The slowed down voice that gravels its way into faux-horror, acid-trip tonality is direct from the pages of industrial music. I mumble to myself: "He's going back to his influences. Some of this sounds like very early Detroit." Very Detroit but lest our readers forget, Hawtin is Canadian, from Windsor, Ontario (across from Detroit), and his life of late has been one of a jet-set DJ, playing with the likes of Sven Vth at Ibiza and Ricardo Villalobos elsewhere. His international DJ sets are nothing like this album, referencing instead a scrubbed clean, pounding techno that has lost its contextual, subcultural force. This album is an attempt as both fans and purveyor realise to reinstall meaning into minimal techno."

Words on Plastikman's first release since Consumed (1998) -- Closer -- at

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