[murmur] Montreal

[[murmur] Montreal]

Well, I am having a lot of fun tonight, with a glass of wine, some music, and a hell-bent desire to track down print articles and see if they are now available online. Here's another one -- from Montreal's Mirror. Direct link-age. But you should check it anyway -- some cool shit from some artists bringing technology to the streets in a way that ties into a kind of narrative geolocationism built on tele-technologies ..

Folklore sans fil

Cell phones have become so commonplace that strolling down the Main with a ciggie in one hand and a blue-lit batphone in the other has all but become the marker of the Montrˆ©al flˆ¢neur. Luckily there are artists in the field of new media who are willing to remind us of the communal potential of our wired world.

Better known as Toronto's [murmur] collective, Gabe Sawhney, James Roussel and Shawn Micallef have rigged the Plateau with "geo-locative" storytelling. As Micallef explains it, "[murmure] is an audio archival project that lets people hear personal first-person stories in the exact location they took place."

Launching as part of the FCMM on Oct. 9, cell phone enthusiasts will be able to locate signs around the Plateau and dial in to hear tales of the 'hood, recounted in French and English. Maps that pinpoint the exact spots will be available, drawn by local artist Mat Garbulinski, while the technical infrastructure has been provided by the SAT. The project can already be found in Toronto's Kensington Market and Vancouver's Chinatown. See more at www.murmurmontreal.ca. ¬ª tobias¬İc.¬İvan¬İVeen

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