Minimalism, Noise And Attitude - A Manuscript For Mutek 2004 @ Dusted

Written, as usual, on the fly -- Mutek reflections over @ Dusted:

Minimalism, Noise And Attitude - A Manuscript For Mutek 2004

Publishing on the web makes me appreciate the role of the Editor. Better, the Editor's eagle anus (it's all about the rear-view). The number of typos, grammar errors and odd spelling mistakes in the above piece will forever consign me to scrubbing clean the busts of temporal cavities, just to the left of subject-verb agreements, in the dusty pantheon of wordy errors.

And although I never stand down on anything I have written, certainly I feel like what has been drifted through in this piece is far from an opinion. It aims to act as a context, poetic response, affect or refraction. Kind of like a broken mirror, angled slightly, revealing the absence where the camera should be. If techno is a conduit--which would mean that, in terms of its ontology, it acts as a traveller, it "is" a traveller, it is a metaphor in the sense that it moves, carries things, always in motion--then this writing also courses, flows, and hits interruptions (and especially, temporal blockages and impossible sentences that cannot be read only once). It is both the virtue and the downfall of such writing that it is often difficult to read, and it tires me too. But out of such garbage is picked the smelliest things to adorn the living room of our culture and its epochal monument, the toilet (otherwise known as the television).

Toilet + Living Room --

Off to Sonar. Flying the night flight. Djing at ColdCreation Gallery four hours after I arrive:

Miercoles 16 Junio - 21 h
Game’Äôs Addiction (Sound Live Act)
tobias c. van Veen (Performance Sonoro)

Coldcreation Gallery
C/ Aragˆ„n 379, Barcelona 08013, Espaˆ±a
+34 93 457 97 53

Some words on the "Living Room and The Toilet" series I am playing here.

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