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[sound.hars//blog: HARS' SOUNDBLOG]

.. a strange little soundblog from a funny widget who knows their Xenakis: HARS' SOUNDBLOG. And hey, this blogger noted the feedback piece on Kim Cascone's BlackCube() as well as the Mutek 2003 coverage on Dusted .. check it: September 6th entry: Factuals.

Why is the Cascone "review" a feedback piece? Well, hear it as a sonic rejoinder -- as thought-as-sound in-action, not argument, which is what it argues. It argues that the argument of the concept is always-already sonic, and thus, arguments of sound are already of sound. Reciprocal mayhem=feedback. Fractal conceptual feedback, wall-of-sound feedback .. let it run on too long, this patch, and you get Joyce, for example, and hhhzzzeerrrrlllaaaammpprrtttnatttaaa. But even HARS doesn't quite catch on this far. For all the talk of ˆ©couter v. entendre and all the other French variations, why is it so difficult to hear the ways in which writing (re)positions itself? Writing is not truth -- it can be a tactic, like a particular work of sound. Because it is sound.

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