A little favour I did for them folks over @ Applied-Acoustics -- here's an interview with Mr. Scanner, aka Robin Rimbaud, or vice-versa.

"Creating innovative and intriguing work since the 80s, Robin Rimbaud is an audio-artist who has managed to engage with rhythm in a critical yet creative fashion. Like Dj Spooky, Scanner possesses the flexibility to understand and compose different styles and moods of music, yet the daring to produce work that can question these preset limitations. The focus and format of his productions (not to mention his touring schedule) are always on the move between film soundtrack and art gallery, club and dance hall. His audio works range from the calm reflections of field recordings and meditative use of tape-loops, ambient albums that are now landmarks in the genre, to composed electronic soundscapes for film and ballet, while at the other end of the spectrum, quirky house music (as Scannerfunk) balances his sound installations."

Interview @ Applied Acoustics ./

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