Graham Miller vs. Richie Hawtin; "plastique-man" found taped to tits

[artful critique of Richie Hawtin's corporate-sponsored craparty]

Posted to technolist [see] from Graham Miller -- a just critique of Richie Hawtin's corporate manifestations...

(techno) welcome to corporate bullshit night @ opera house

just got back from the cigarette sponsored sauna that was richie
hawtin... what a fucking weird party. unbeknownst to your humble
intrepid traveller it was some kind of pathetic cigarette monolith
marketing orgy. logos plastered from floor to ceiling - i'm surprised
they missed out on the always tasteful urinal sanitizing puck
placement... maybe the sponser could spend less money on custom gobos
splattering their evil logo across the ceiling in light and invest in a
fan or two? holy fuck man - i'm no marxist but this was so ridiculously
over the top. everybody on that bill should be ashamed - why on earth
would richie play such a lame ass corporate bullshit event? you wonder
if he even knew what he was walking into... hardly a 'control' party in
the classic sense, although it was nice touch when he killed Their
cheesy-ass starfield background and brought out his classic signature
single red light... rich was amazing as usual: turbotechno adorned with
perpetual high pass filters made the atmosphere somewhat more
tolerable... but let's put it this way: They literally paid girls to
dance around strapped with cigarettes across their breasts in neon
underwear. last time i heard it was plastik not plastique. it basically
made being a hooker look like a fairly respectable occupation. so many
hurtbags and their lanyard laments looking like little kids with their
homework pinned to their backs... fuck. it certainly wasn't mutek.
that's not to say rich was in standard full frontal assault mode, final
scratching @ 140bpm with his tweaked out new custom hypermixer, but it
wasn't the plastikman preview we got a month prior in montreal...

g (rage building... gearing up to play out sometime soon...)

posted. Wed - July 2, 2003 @ 11:20 PM           |