the Upgrade & Full Moon

greetings "little clan,"
i.e. those of you in Montreal,

I apologise for not being around lately, but I've been a little swamped with the great academic ritual known as the "the thesis." I hope to have this finished shortly, which should result in a bit more drunken revelry -- as well as blogging.

BUT! This week there are two things going on you might be interested in ..

- the first is The Upgrade! Montreal, on Thursday the 25th @ SAT, a monthly digital arts gathering featuring a talk from artist Michelle Kasprzak , some lounge techno djing from me and some music and VJing from Timbral Fresco. It kicks off at 6pm, with the artist's talk from Michelle Kasprzak at 7pm and Timbral Fresco at 9:30pm. The bar will be open! Free @ SAT, 1195 St. Laurent. Check it: the PDF is here ; SAT info here ; en Francais ici .

- the second is a private-invitation Full Moon Party on Friday the 26th at M.M.'s loft on St. Laurent in Montreal. Starts around 10pm, goes until very, very late. I'll be bringing out a few crates of records for this one. There will be a few surprise guests too... You are all very welcome as well as your close friends. This will be the LAST full moon party M.M. is throwing -- he's thrown one every month for 12 months (!). Contact me for the location.

More words soon.



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