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((In the Netherlands, perspective isn't possible, nothing is tall, so you compensate with fish. It's not a question of discerning who's Dutch and who isn't. It's a case of suddenly finding oneself surrounded by windmills. ))

"...attico mixdown"
The Sunday set recorded in Barcelona for is now online. This is a post-Sonar set, with a long detour through San Francisco dub techno (almost an homage to Joshua Kit Clayton). It's a little messy at points, this being due to the set & setting (home speaker system, turntables on a coffeetable, an errant amplifier that kept cutting out from the heat, and of course, the effects of Barcelona's ubiquitous hash). The off-beat mix that rotates around 1:23:50 is not a skip; it's something I'm experimenting with, kind of like a fast-forward summersault, where an on-beat record (matched to the 4), heard in the mix, is skipped forward 2/3 of a beat, setting it on the quarter or so. The floor was the attic, hence the "...attico mixdown," which I think tries to reflect that warm, sun-setting afternoon. Ending one's Barcelona trip with a terrasse meltdown, above the old, medieval city, rewinds all the clocks back to the ancient eras--windy streets, the stench and smell, the alcohol, the close quartered living. Playing techno in such scenarios is like playing time bandits with the turntable.

48k | 128k stream (.m3u) [link fixed - thx ignacio!]

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xox from Amsterdam .. @ STEIM .

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