Upgrade .. February 17th & absolute compression of temporal fields

Holy .. yah, you know: holy new year. Kung hai phat choi etc. It's the Rooster. Cooperative, collective, and aspiring toward unattainable goals, it's the emerging year of China in general, as well as, well... chickens.

1. The Upgrade! Montreal again rocks out this Thursday evening at SAT. All the info is in that link there, so click on it, and drop by, it's free goshdarnit, and it's featuring a first-ever improvisational electronic music-dance performance between Mitchell Akiyama and Victor Quijada of Rubberdance company, with a presentation and roundtable, AND Harold Schellinx from Amsterdam, who is in town for an eTay sound-art residence. It starts at 6pm, ends at 10pm with what looks like to be a fantastic mix_Sessions following us courtesy of cousinchang and company (VJ/DJ session.. good for drinkin' and chattin').

2. Yes, middle of the term in doctoral land, and I'm really feeling the intensive pressure involved both mentally and organisationally in handling the demands of two disciplines: Communication Studies and Philosophy. But as if to intensify the moment--which is intense enough--I am moving. A nice new place. A place just down the street from the wax hang-outs, friends, with plenty of room to generate something I haven't hosted in a few years: a salon. Better believe it. Poetry will rule the streets or, at best, perch itself above the Main here in Montreal.

So that's why I haven't been blogging: the kind of stress that has you rushing to the SAQ (reopened after a three month strike) for specials on Australian Shirazs, Cabernets, and Shiraz-Cabernets (Jacob's Creek, preferably the Shiraz Cabernet; Penfold's's are too expensive here and a little too oaky, and I can't find the brilliant Yellow Tail, which has BC Marxists under its vibrant press of the written word run wet with liquor... Lindemans are rich and full--good too--but a little pricey).

3. Anne Galloway wrote something touching here that reminds me of Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok's analysis of the touched body, the body of images, also thoughts flying around Merleau-Ponty and Derrida's "Fors" -- work that I concentrated on many years ago and am currently reconsidering as to how to incorporate into analyses of digital technology... as (perceived) dead technology... planned obsolence as "prosthesis of origin," as the Derrideans say, "always already."

4. Marc Tuters has written a fine account of PLAN @ ICA -- blogged at the spankin' new MDCN website/blog, managed by, err, me.

5. Yes, another "Prediction" is due. Hopefully something this time that won't inflame Mr. Blaze's positivism.

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