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espaceSONO wraps up this week @ the SAT[GALERIE]. Thanks to everyone who came out for the deep.listening.event, Andra McCartney's sound.walk & the intimate and cozy galerie.performance. A very large thanks is due indeed to Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, the production designer (he realised what I only dreamed); Benjamin Laugier, press & events; Jerome Arseneault, head tech; Guillaume, our tech for the deep; and of course Hugues Monfroy, whom I have worked with for years @ SAT -- a supporter through thick & thin.

There has been some intriguing press which I am archiving here, mostly reports & impressions, and a few considerate replies. I respond to some of the coverage in a brief interview with Greg Smith of SerialConsign -- here's the link . I'll post the entire exchange in a few days.

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& also check out Renaud Kasma's photos of the exhibition:

* p.s. I curse you who stole the headphones from the Cube. If you be an artist, may your work bring you nothing but grief. May these headphones damage your ears & destroy your soul. You rotten scum. If you have any decency left, return them, as we cannot afford to replace them. I curse you in the name of all the artists whose work will no longer be heard, but silenced by your cowardly theft.

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