espaceSONO on & deep.listening.session

espaceSONO::audio.lab opened last night @ SAT // a mixer_milieu of bodies & people, gaggling & oggling, digging into the couches and listening, kissing in the tent & feeling the claustrophobic density of the cube .. covered the madness among others. Thanks CANOE, because my documentation sucks. Here are some Flickr archives documenting the assembly of the listening.environments _ :

. [ espaceSONO set_up ]
. [ espaceSONO vernissage ]
. [ espaceSONO ]
. [ espaceSONO interior ]
. [ espaceSONO exterior ]

For some reason I figured that curating a sound_art show with a unique environment requiring extensive design, production and construction wasn't enough, so espaceSONO is punctuated by four concerts: the vernissage (which featured 3.5 hours of live experimental sound-art performances), the deep.listening.session, a sound-walk with andra mcCartney, and a closing, intimate, gallery.performance.

The second event launches the second week of the exhibition -- !! -- the 'deep.listening.session'. The concert will feature immersive, surround_sound in the main room @ SAT. Circular seating in a black-box environment of darkness & a line_up of serious heavyweights that should both maximize and minimize the use of volume pressure: Martijn Tellinga a.k.a. BOCA RATON (NL), o.blaat (NYC), Martin Tétreault & Mike Hansen (TO -- first ever performance for Mike in MTL and first duo w/ Martin...), Nathan McNinch (MTL), Doug van Nort & myself under the guise of

Thanks to everyone who made their way out. No thanks to discriminatory monolingual media. Most thanks to underground CKUT which, like all campus & community radio across Canada, dares to tread where the CBC has long retreated. W(h)ither the English media?


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