[Calder becomes an icon for modernist musik]

-.> XLR8R's MUTEK montréal 2007 <.-
[Kode 9 + Spaceape digging up from pressure deep]

Ken Taylor of XLR8R has been kind enough to write-up a few of the MUTEK vids I've been throwing up on YouTube. Instead of writing anything this year --and risking the further wrath of everyone in this micro_music scene -- I decided to take HST's advice and tape a DV camera to the side of my head for most of the festival (and for other reasons too: longevity. The words I penned for VelvetPanda last year are already gone. I mean, what's the point? But this is another aside, concerning editors & ethics, that I will have to broach later, with contemplative though fiery screed). Here are the results, with two more vids (the Piknik and a wrap-up 'MUTEK Montage') on the way -- most of the vids include footage of the performances, artist interviews, and a few surprises:

-. [ Kode 9 + Spaceape, from beneath the deep, Hyperdub UK

-. [ Randy Jones, ORAC _ Seattle

-. [ Cobblestone Jazz & the Mole (Victoria at heart)

-. [ o.blaat, SHARE, NYC

-. [ BROKE (matias aguayo & marcus roccness), Chile/Germany

-. [ clinker, edmonton

+ it's about time I finally put some of my oldskool Hi-8 & 16mm film training to work (thanks to a certain Mr. Carrier & a scholarship to the Gulf Islands Film and Television School in '96, where we worked with the very first version ever of Adobe Premiere). Even though iMovie is limiting -- on my laptop it started to drop audio and stutter when approaching 8 minutes, and of course it can't overlay multiple video tracks -- it would have blown my mind to have such easy editing capabilities circa 1995 when I was producing work for Mestiza (youth television show on Shaw Cable, produced by Matt Todd, now a city councillor in White Rock! And in case any of my now decade-old+ friends are reading this, here are some Google keywords: SPYSS, Semiahoo Peninsula Youth Support Society, YES, Youth Empowerment Society, SPYN, Semiahmoo Peninsula Youth Newspaper... drop a line. You know who you are if the internets bring you here).


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