(( audio.lab )) UIOC.06

ola, I just got back from Oklahoma City, where the second Upgrade International was at. What you see above is the video for the audio.listening.lab I curated from worldwide audio-artists involved with the Upgrade network. Upgrade is a network of artists, curators & others in the technology arts... along with Sophie Le-Phat Ho & Anik Fournier I curate UpgradeMTL. So yah, that's why I was in the OKC.

I also had a chance to play a set of sound-art at the IAO Gallery, at a thing called the Tiny Noise Festival, organised by Kyd Campbell and Toni Dimitrov. Though a snowstorm hit this (usually) warm Southern town, things went well... I even ran into Jack Acid, who spent some time on the bus with Spiral Tribe and did a lot with SPAZ back in the Network 23 days as half of the early 69db. Much to my surprise he recognized the <ST> sign... apparently free tekno is on the rise again. Good thing I hung onto the balaclava.

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