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Upgrade Amsterdam has a very neat video documentation & streaming system with FabChannel, & the 14th June performance and talk is now available online. A brief AUTOSEVCOM TACSAT sound-art / broadcast performance begins just after 80 minutes, the talk directly after about 90 minutes. Military streaming & scanning are the theme of the sound work with some police radio samples from the Seattle WTO protests. The talk touches upon the notion of the "live" in laptop performance, discussing some of the written work of Kim Cascone and suggesting that the notion of the "broadcast" be sampled & consequently mutated from his piece rather than (and in contradistinction to) his conclusion, in which he turns to the performance codes of electro-acoustic music. I also attempt to explain the metaphysics of spectacle in under a minute.


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An "audio self_portrait," part of Agricola de Cologne's ://selfportrait new media & net-art project, titled "self_portrait24May06," is now online, and will be installed shortly at the Al Kahf Art Gallery at Bethlehem International Center. The piece is under the "multi-media / sound-art" tab, under my name.

The works for [[ ://selfportrait ]] ;

_ & the event blog is here.

Then the entire shebang goes on tour. After Bethlehem, the show and its message of peace will be spread around the globe. The first venues are:

--->in Italy Casoria Museum of Contemporary Art Naples/Italy [inauguration on 16 December 2006]

--->in Poland - Officyna Art Space Szczecin & Museum of Swinoujcie [inauguration on 20 October 2006]

--->in Argentina - MAC - Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe [inauguration on 6 December 2006]

-->in Argentina - MACRO - Museum Arte Contemporaneo Rosario [inauguration in the beginning of January 2007]

.. & it also seems the various sound-art pieces I curated (as well as some of my own work) in 2003/04/05 for [R][R][F]-->XP (Remembering Repressing Forgetting), specifically the SoundLab, continue to tour due to Agricola's inexhaustible energies; including to FILE in Brazil. Agricola seems to keep a blog for the various octopus arms of his projects here.

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