ola, I will be talking on the concept of the "live" in digital culture @ the Upgrade Amsterdam on the evening of Wednesday 14th June 06. For those of you in the Netherlands, check it out @ the Melkweg; for those of you global, it will be live webcast. The infamous psyhonaut Trace Reddell will also be demonstrating some of his live cinema, as well as work from Martijn von Boven & Jan-Kees van Kampen. The general themeatic is "The Upgrade goes Live!" with a focus on "live cinema"... I'll be DJing after & absynthe martinis will be served (!).

While in the Flatlands -- besides buying salty licorice in vast quantities -- I will be speaking at SLSA Europe 06 & hanging out @ STEIM so do feel free to drop a line if you are around.

e/i #7 is now out & sadly it is the last issue. More on that shortly. It's been one very... memorable month.

../.../././/./././. /./.. _out_

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