atmospheric mix-down [vancouver pt. 3]

Mmmpphh - waking up to rhythms of grey. Yesterday, the Esquire and I took a stroll down the far point of Jericho beach, almost out to the World War II gun bunkers. The mystery of the unattended bicycle was soon solved as a pale, naked man went jogging past in sneakers and sunglasses. Flop, flop .. logs, pebbles, boulders... ocean... penis. Yah. The horizon, as if Photoshop had bled Emily Carr's cavernous yet impenetrable canvasses into the wash of indeterminable nothingness, a palette drained but not exhausted, the nodal point from which the lattice of colour defines its relation to texture. A ship, pulled by a tug, on the aquatic mirage between sky and sea, approaching us at impossible angles. Each island only the most temporary wireframe of the air.

Last night -- thanks to ckuf ouy who had me out for a sudden, surprise night of techno at LICK replete with Milkman's slides. A few dozen popped their heads in, to much merriment. Then I was off to Co-Op radio to spin out Motomasa, Eve and Kuma's show Art of Beatz. We discussed the "k" konspiracy, played Madame Butterfly remixes from Malcolm McLaren and threw down even more aggressive Kompakt records. (Yes, Kompakt has TWO k-s.)

A bit of respite from the wax as the Sanctioned Holidays kick in. Off to Whistler soon for bulletproof ice in lieu of snow (plz sacrifice to the Norse gods, we need some snow out here--). NYE -- a few plans in the making, a few confirmed, a few not. More soon. The general idea is for olo and I to tour the cities with sound and line slides. Want to have us out? Contact us.

from Vancouver -

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