tues-dis @ parsalmany

So a sudden Tuesday resulted in a live gig @ Parsalmany, a strange kind of legalized boozecan up north on du Parc in Montreal, past Mile End. I showed up too early to the place and felt welcomed but sketched. Red lights, an old organ and jukebox in the corner, folding tables & chairs... came back @ 12:20am & the place was packed. Reminded me of the old Sugar Refinery in Vancouver. This was the last ambient tues-dis. Played a laptop set of improvised drones & noise.. weirded people out, although only one request for beats. Got paid in favours. A good crew--Mookh from PUTS, of Calgary fame. Too bad this was the requiem--the place is shutting, bought out by a new owner. Looking forward to further forces..

posted. Wed - December 3, 2003 @ 03:04 AM           |