mix_sessions: beewoo & tobias

Yot, this Friday I have the pleasure of DJing a mix_sessions @ SAT with VJ Beewoo:

[mix_sessions] Entretiens Jacques Cartier
Vendredi le 8 octobre 2004 | 17:00 | Gratuit
Friday 8 october 2004 | 5pm | Free


Le Techno-turntablist tobias c. van Veen plonge profondement dans le dub techno minimal et le Glitched House tandis que VJ Beewoo experimente avec le bruit et la retroaction video en combinaison avec des animations architecturales 3D/2d traitees dans sa propre interface VJ. Les visuels engagent esthetiquement la stimulation du cerveau et les rythmes donnent des envies de bouger quand tobias coupe, decoupe et melange ses vinyls.

[sorry for removing the accents but iBlog can't handle accented character sets!!]

Techno-turntablist tobias c. van Veen drops deep, minimal dub techno and glitched house while VJ Beewoo investigates video noise and feedback in combination with architectural 3D/2D animations processed in her own customized VJ interface. While aesthetically engaging stimulation for the brain, the groove will also catch your feet as tobias cuts, slices and dices his wax.

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