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The July edition of The Upgrade! Montréal is TONIGHT -- featuring the In & Out of the Sound Studio conference on gender and sound technologies (Concordia University). If you are in Montréal, don't miss this evening of free performances by women sound artists .. @ SAT.

AND NOW! ... what Fishead & I have been toiling over :

No, not just the photo .. Fishead & I are launching CONTROL TO CHAOS . A weekly, online mix hosted by Burn.FM . Check out our ONTOLOGICAL STATEMENT on the website. We are stepping up the pressure on alternative forms of turntablism and weak attempts at expanding the "djing" moniker into pure meaninglessness via jukebox software and other candy-coated tricks. Kate Armstrong blogs a bit on it via -- here .

I'll let y'all know the launch date real soon. I know you'll dig the musik.

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