sonic acts, observation 1: VENETIAN SNARES

hey fishy,

Last night I saw Aaron Funk here in Amsterdam @ Sonic Acts .. fucking loud @ Paradiso .. but he was angry .. chugging beers, throwing them at the audience, all thrashing around .. and then the sound dude came up and told him to turn it down -- so Aaron threw the dude's hat into the audience and then tried to put a jaw/choke hold on him.

So then he gets on the mic ..and says: "the sound fuckers want me to turn it down .. do yoooooou want me to turn it down?"

Everyone screamed NO of course -- everyone was going mad at this point, all jumping and thrashing and groping and the visuals were fast and violent --

Later, during a big breakdown in which Aaron turned up the mic, juiced the feedback and threw it on the floor, spitting beer at everyone, screaming and yelling ensuing .. but then sound dudes took the opportunity to turn it down (a low blow) .

So he comes on the mic again -- "Turn it up you fuckers!" he yells. "We're just having a party, we can have it loud .."

He then attacked the mixer he was using to mash his CDRs.

Wraps up his headphones and heads off -- it was the end of his set, although he made it look like he was quitting. I can't tell if the whole thing was staged or not. Probably not.

I tried to catch this large, dangerous man on the way out the door.


Rather, yelled.

He half-turned, gave me a surprised look, obviously didn't know who I was, and kept going.

So after that all I could think of was him and Hecate clawing each other's brains out.

He's gotta come to MTL.


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