Tim.Anderson almost sails to Cuba

[Tim.Anderson almost sails to Cuba]

After sailing for a while and getting really tired, the waves and sails started sounding like voices. I ignored them for a long time, but they didn't seem to do anything scary and they were mumbling anyway. Eventually I started tuning them in, and it was pretty funny stuff. There were some evil aliens that lived in my transom. When I went fast the transom made kind of a hissy alien sound. It was the soundtrack from a cable-tv sciencefiction show. These aliens had landed at a goth disco and were trying to fit in. They dressed up like vampires and looked really evil and talked in scary voices and were the coolest couple at the disco. They were really into evil in theory but they never actually harmed anyone. They said it was a "big-picture" approach to evil rather than a "street-crime" approach.

Tim Anderson.

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