tsotso : time passes with us feeling

[tsotso : time passes with us feeling]

A diamond in the rough. As a techno DJ, I used to have this knack for quick-flipping through hundreds of vinyl sleeves in a busy record store (usually Bassix in Vancouver on Thursday night, when the new wax came fresh from overseas). One developed a blacksense for wax that contained choice cuts--mixed with the intuitive grasp of grabbing the sleeves with the roughest, minimalist design, which usually meant a German or Detroit imprint. And so it is with stumbling across tsotso's blog, a rather secretive persona, aka Luka Princic, who reveals himself as a scholar on contemporary music in all its nebulous shapes and forms, as well as an instigator, a human of poetic sentiment, and a laptop musician. Specifically, this post.

Here's Princic's paper, "Laptop Music: New Modes of Musicianship in The Age of Mobile Computing and Digital Networks" [direct PDF] which, in his own words, traces a tangent from the "futurists, john cage and stockhausen all the way through the demoscene, personal computer revolution, digital networks, free software, virtual audio publishing, peer2peer convolutions right to the laptop musician of today, microsound community and clicktop culture, to conclude in a tactical manifesto of 21st century music culture."

That Princic is able to ask "would love to continue to write, but i'm affraid i don't posses enough patience to learn to enjoy writing enough so that i could feel it as a desire. could writing be an immersive medium as music is?" -- that he can ask this (to repeat), already answers the question. Princic is already writing with sound, wrapping his words (and as a second-language, no doubt), in a thread of the sonic. That it is his second-language (a speculation I am willing to risk--he lives in Ljubljana) speaks to a kind of stumbling found in translation that renders his speech harmonic. Both Deleuze and Derrida speak of this. Here's his opening passage:

"¨™time passes with us feeling it, but not noticing how nonlinear it is. i think music is one of the prime examples of this. no wonder some people were smart enough and create an expression "time-based arts" for everything that is experienced in time and that subsequently influences our perception of time. consuming aestheticly created time-based works thus constantly provokes our understanding of time, especially the ( despite the einstein ) suppressed intuition knowledge of time-space bending. where these connections lead is still unknown, however."

Diamonds in the rough. But I won't stem my narcissism. Like a mixtape, Princic aka tsotso drops a cut of my own, a reference, and I quote it here in recognition of one to the other ..

"and one last love: i bow down to the writings of tobias c. van Veen . they are very inspiritional if nothing else. the mixture of literary mixology and theoretical nodes in a rhizomatic structure of notes, sounds, noises, mixtapes and turntables creating both fierce critique and passionate visions. despite of its almost philosophical coherence, his texts are well worth reading and studying. one would only whish to be able to come up with such kinds of sophisticated articulations."

Thank you, tsotso - Luka Princic. May words continue to spin your mind in new ways of hearing the world. And may our paths cross.

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