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--> check this: Winksite. An easy-to-use, beauty-designed site that produces a WAP site for mobile phones as well as a desktop version. Besides full site-support for things like Chat, Guestbooks, content, external RSS feeds, Feedster and a blog (and yes, the blog can hook into yer own blog's RSS as well as generate a feed), the tech support is sweet & fast .. Oh -- did I mention the fully built in geolocative options? Degree/latitude are in for blogposts and it looks like they're heading into the future with GPS.

Unfortunately, poor code generated by iBlog means that this site's mobile incarnation isn't running smoothly. You can check out the desktop winksite of hallucinations & antics here (if you're running Safari, turn off pop-up blocking). Hopefully in a few weeks the blogposts will be mobile & hopefully there will be a work-around for the pop-up blocks.


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