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[Latvia Media Workshop]

Marc Tuters emails in from the Locative Media workshop in Latvia:

"At the K@2 Culture and Information Centre, located on an abandoned military installation in Liepaja on the coast of the Baltic Sea, the Locative Media Workshop has brought together an international group of artists and researchers interested in notions of mobile geography. Participants have been discussing how to develop tools for expressing
media spatially in order to create collaborative mapping tools with which to explore issues of memory and of place. [...] Members share a commoninterest in developing tools for expressing digital media spatially,through exploring theoretical, artistic and technical notions surrounding collaborative mapping and ad-hoc mobile networking... "

The project email list is being expanded to cover those interested in locational geographies & its artistic / political / research potentials, and given my recent resurgence in mobile-Situ via dot.walk, I'll keep a toe in this. And this is what it looks like when it's all mapped out [more on the site]:

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