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"zombie psy-op "activated", exterminates ravers..."
- AfroFuturism's Syntactik

Imagine : a chill house party after a peaceful, zombie-themed rave. A bohemian house, lived in by mid to early '30s artists, students, professionals, all with a taste for music and life. It could be my old house. They invite stragglers to their home (as I often did). The timeless gesture of hospitality which rave culture incarnates at its best. Just after sunrise, that lone straggler (and why must he be 6' +, dressed in black ?), leaves out the front door, only to return with a shotgun and automatic pistol. Kills 7. Kills self when confronted by police.

Spray paints "NOW" out on the sidewalk leading up to the house before calmly executing his new acquaintances.

A few times, does he write NOW, a few times, does he kill others.

Perhaps Syntactik is right: zombie activation program in effect. Gun-control mindmeld reversal on bodytype Loner. Extermination code entered. Black arts commenced. Violation of sacred invitation of hospitality. The only way to prove it at all, NOW. Inhospitable dark magick is at work. This 'murderous rampage' will never be understood for it was neither murder as we understand it nor a rampage...

Out of the 7 killed (including two young teenagers) was Jeremy Martin. I never met him. A close friend of mind in Seattle called him, however, a 'twin soul bro' -- of me. The pics should reveal why. A creative and playful man, a merry prankster, undoubtedly as the others were as well.

Seattle and its raver and technoculture inhabitants are part of my history and extended family.
I grieve with them.

Hardly senseless murders: too much sense here to understand.
That house needs to be abandoned; and some work to counter its violation by evil.

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